Altruism Counseling Services

We provide help for addiction and mental health issues.

We can help with medicated assisted treatment with suboxone or vivitrol.

We offer anger management and Driving Under the Influence (DUI)classes.

We provide couples counseling.

We provide grief counseling.

We provide life transition counseling.

  Altruism Counseling Services offers a more detailed description below.  If you are ready to schedule an initial assessment click “Start Now” at the bottom of the page.


If you believe you may have an addiction to heroin or other opiates or you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, we can help you with obtaining medically-assisted treatment (MAT) such as Suboxone and counseling. Or if you just need to talk to someone because your use is a little out of hand, please contact us. We can assist you in finding out more about where you may be in the cycle of heavy use to addiction

DUI Classes

Are you currently in trouble due to receiving a DUI?  No worries, we are a state certified DUI Program and offer classes and treatment.  Please contact us today to schedule an assessment, so you can reserve your spot.

Mental Health

Are you experiencing on-going  anxiety, depression or any other mental health issues?  Have you experienced trauma in your life?  Or, do you just need to talk to someone about the death of a loved one or trouble in your marriage or work?  It doesn’t matter what your issue is.  We can help.  We offer individual and group counseling.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment and we can help you get to the other side.

Tell us what happened.

Please come in and tell us what is going on with you.  We want to help you.  Every client is unique and anything that has happened to you we have probably heard from someone else.  Remember, you may have genetic predisposition to addiction or mental health issues.  But, you do not inherit the behaviors and your ability to cope.  Change is possible if you want to change. Take the first step and contact us today, so we can help you get to the other side of your issues. 

Altruism Counseling can help you through anything life throws at you.

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